Everyone in the local pop scene should know who JOSH CULLEN
(Josh Cullen Santos) is. A performer, songwriter, gamer, and the
most charismatic member of the award-winning P-POP sensation
SB19, the name Josh Cullen has been equated to passion for the

He discovered his love for performing at the age of 4,
immediately realizing he was born for the stage. Josh was already
destined for greatness, having performed on the same stage as
global talents - way before becoming the artist we know today.

With years of experience and an unmatched dynamic skill set, the
Las Pinas-born heartthrob is the full package. His smooth moves,
flows with his raps, and breathtaking visuals would leave anyone
breathless, making him a true marvel of the Pop music scene.

Beyond the spotlight on stage, Josh still finds time to share his
passion for video games online, building a community of fun and
brotherhood with those who tune in.

As he embarks on this journey as a solo artist, Josh Cullen
promises to take the world by storm - from captivating pop and
rap to taking us to the dancefloor with hip-hop and electro. More
than just a solo debut, Josh Cullen is about to deliver a musical
experience like no other.